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Collaborative effort

Non profits depend on a continuously scalable base of donors and revenue to fund their important mission and services. Among the many options in an organization's portfolio, monthly giving offers and a more reliable, steady income stream that is resilient to economic ups and downs.

Outstanding returns

Providing support to industries in the form of research services is what we do best. Industries include transportation, talent management, real estate, insurance, and global supply chain. We are designed to reduce costs for companies developing new products in niche markets.

Social impact

 Businesses ultimately will be able to realize cost savings through innovations, resource efficiency, and revenue enhancements via sustainable products, which in turn should lead to better performance and profits.

Industry creation

We are capable of changing the status quo. Our technology is exponential and without comparison. We are designed with radical novelty, relatively fast growth, coherence, and prominent impact. A certain degree of coherence persisting over time has the potential to deliver unprecedented dividends.